Friday, January 13, 2012

So here it is, my first post. I think I have said, "that would be a great topic for a food blog!" about a billion times in my head, and so its time to put it in print. Instead of telling you a big long history about me, that would really just serve as my own cathartic rundown of my wandering life, I'll just tell you bits and pieces along the way in between yummy recipes... and I am going to start with a lowly chicken wing recipe. I made the rub originally for Thanksgiving, which was my first attempt at a gluten free and refined sugar free holiday. The rub was absolutely delicious on the turkey, but if possible, it is even better on organic, free range chicken wings.
          I learned how to make rubs when I was doing my internship for culinary school at a southwestern fine-dining restaurant in Atlanta, called NAVA. They used to roast about 25 chickens a day in convection ovens, completely covered in their house rub. The house rub had at least 15 spices, herbs, and chiles.... and brown sugar. In fact, it quite a lot of brown sugar. The chickens were DELICIOUS. We would shred the chickens and use them in any recipe that required cooked chicken... tamales, salad, rellenos, nachos, whatever... But each ingredient had to be prepped before it went into the vitamix to completely combine into a true house rub. The chilies and the spices were first toasted and ground, developing their oils and deepening their flavor. Now, while I may have spent a great deal of time of that rub, this one was VERY simple to put together with all the contents of my spice cabinet. I have some pretty great ones, and they make all the difference. I especially like the Roasted spice line that McCormick has introduced. And I am NOT just saying that to be a brand pusher -- they really are very good and much easier than toasting and grinding spices ALL the time. I do it on occasion, but these are great for adding tons of flavor very quickly to a weeknight meal. I also added coconut sugar, instead of brown sugar, and less in comparison to the rub I learned at NAVA, but enough to lend a touch of sweetness without a shock to my blood sugar! You won't need all of this for one batch of chicken wings, but just put it in a pretty little jar in your spice cabinet for next time. :)

Katy's House Rub

1 Tablespoon each of:
Organic Granulated Garlic
Mexican Hot Chili Powder
Smoked Paprika
Sea Salt ( I  used a pink flaked Sea Salt)
Poultry Seasoning (I used a poultry herb grinder from Fresh Market
Roasted Ground Cumin
Roasted Ground Coriander
Coconut Sugar (you may add 2 Tablespoons if you prefer)

2 Teaspoons each of:
Roasted Saigon Ground Cinnamon
Fresh Ground Pepper

You can rub this on ANY meat. Steaks, ribs, chicken, fish, doesn't matter... its absolutely delicious. But for these chicken wings, I dusted them all over with an even light coating of the rub, and roasted them in my oven at 450 for about 30 minutes, turning a few times during cooking until they are slightly charring on the ends...this is the caramelization your taste buds will thank you for!
Yes, all the chicken skin on the wings IS a little indulgent, however this is a much better choice compared to ANY wing you will find in a restaurant that is fried in canola oil, could be coated with FLOUR, butter (or worse margarine), and a sauce with tons of sugar, artificial sodium, MSG, ect ect ect.... And that's exactly what I mean with this whole "honestly delicious" blog. It will be mostly paleo, a little hcg, a little gluten-free, a little dairy-free, but completely gut busting grain, toxic refined sugar, and JUNK free. HONEST ingredients, with none of the dishonest, non-food, chemical flavor enhancers that lead to obesity, autism, depression, and so much more. I was a good chef before, but the real test is if I can make it just as delicious without all the "cheats" of conventional cooking. I'm up to the challenge if you are up to follow me and taste test along the way! Of course, I am always up for feedback! 


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